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AjaxIS CMS - Ajax Intelligent System

Welcome to site of CMS AjaxIS - Ajax Intelligent System.

AjaxIS represents not only CMS but usefull system to manage all IT processes in your company.

If you need fully functional web site and convenient CMS to manage it - CMS AjaxIS is that you really need!

AjaxIS is applyable for the beginners and professionals, because system functionality is simple, and at the same time it includes instruments that can be useb by WEB developers.

From start of the your own web site you are separated by only 7 simple steps:
(If you already have you domain name and hosting you can skip first 3 steps)

  • register at the site of you partner РегХост.рф
  • select domain name for your future web site;
  • buy hosting;
  • register at our site - Регистрация AjaxIS;
  • input FTP data of your hosting that you got by E-Mail to install trial version of CMS AjaxIS or buy any complectation (to learn more visit page Licenses when you authorized);
  • go several steps to install CMS AjaxIS;
  • Fill you new site with your information and works!

P.S.: At any step you can write to our support and we helps you with great pleasure!