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This section contains the most frequent questions asked to ours the companies, concerning work of installation, control and use of AjaxIS.

You can send the question to our service of technical support on странице Technical support

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AjaxIS installing

How to install AjaxIS?

To install AjaxIS be registered and become authorized on the website.
The complete description of all necessary actions will be presented in the section of the License.

How to pay for AjaxIS?

For obtaining information on all available payment methods follow the link Payment

May I install trial version, and then buy full version without loss of data?

Yes. Install the trial AjaxIS version, work with it fully, then at any time to or after expiration of the trial version get any complete set of AjaxIS and the system will revolve work if the trial period has expired.

What to do if installation is blocked?

When you for the first time come to the address http://your_site/install/ for the purpose of the AjaxIS installation, the system saves the file with your data blocking a possibility of installation of system by other unauthorized user. If in installation time you replaced the IP address or you have replaced the browser, then come on FTP into the folder of your website and remove the lock file in the folder install/, the blocking file will be recreated with new data.

Common questions about AjaxIS

Why notice E-mails don't come

Notices come if:
  • in settings of the module sender of notices they are included;
  • in the Control module-> Notices are set right parameters: the operating E-Mail, the service login password SMS , the login password ICQ;
  • In settings of the administrator necessary notices are included;

Start working

How to edit the homepage of the website

From version 2.0 the homepage is taken out in the Page module where it can be edited.

By default after installation this text is shown.

At the same time you can redefine the homepage in the Control module-> Settings of the website.